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I'm Lucy and I am a 22 year old small business owner!
My journey to becoming a nail technician started 3 years ago! I followed lots of amazing nail technicians and became obsessed with their YouTube videos! 
I had only ever had my nails done once and then realised how much nails could impact how I felt about myself. This, and a love for not having to leave my home after a long day at work, motivated me to train as a nail technician so that I could help others feel better about themselves, but without having to leave the comfort of their own home.
In December 2021 I left my day job in order to try and pursue doing nails full time. This has been an exciting but terrifying leap from a stable income to the possibility of no income at all. But I am so passionate about helping out working women/men and parents in their own homes, who usually, like how I previously was, unable to get to a salon due to prior engagements (like work or kids). 
My creative passion is in creating colourful gel designs. As well as this, if you're used to having acrylic nails - my product is next level! I only provide gel polish and gel extensions that are as strong and as long lasting as regular acrylics. And, because they don’t involve the powder or harsh chemicals associated with acrylics, they’re MUCH healthier for your nails, which is very important to me! 
I pride myself on being easy to talk to, non-judgmental and a really good listener! My mobile services where there is only me and you really can enable you to feel comfortable in an environment where you have my undivided attention and any TV show on you like! It’s your house, so your choice!  
If you ask yourself, who takes care of you, do you really have an answer? Lots of hard working women and men with kids or a full time job, or even both, get no time to themself. And especially no time to get to a salon! So let me come to you and save you the trouble. 
I would love to hear from you so you can get pretty, while helping me pursue my dream job. So, get yourself booked in, I'm excited to meet you!

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