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An Outstanding Experience and Cancellations

Being a fully mobile nail technician, I thrive on providing each and every client the best possible service I can offer, in the comfort of your own home. That’s why I have a basic cancellation policy to avoid me losing opportunities to reschedule the appointment you may no longer be able to keep. 

My cancellation policy asks that anyone with an appointment informs me within 24 hours of the appointment of their need to cancel. I am happy to reschedule your appointment but if cancellations are recurring I may need to contact you regarding future bookings. 

If cancellations are made with less than 24 hours notice I will request half the price of the appointment to be paid. 

I hope this is understandable as if I cannot rebook the appointment I have no source of income for that time, or even day. 

As a self-employed nail technician, I am uncomfortable and will not remove any product applied by another technician. This is because often damage can be done while applying nail products as well as things like fungus getting under the nail due to poor prep. I personally refuse to remove product done by another technician for these reasons. 

I require all new clients to have bare nails, and am more than happy to send over the safest method for at home removal. I will happily remove any product done by myself, without charge also.

On the day before your appointment, I will contact you to find out a few things:

  • that your nails are bare if you haven't got product on applied by myself

  • what colours/design you would like so I know what to bring

      If you do not respond by 8am on the day of your appointment, no matter what time it is, as this is when I pack my kit and leave for the day.

 If there is no contact made I will have to cancel the appointment and reschedule, or charge 50% of the appointment price. 

Chipped or Damaged Nails

At Apex Nails UK, I offer repairs for chipped nails if they chip within 72hours of the original appointment. This is because within 72hours, products can be used that can cause chipping and things that can damage them like using them as tools can be done within this time. I will either offer free repairs within this period or half of the appointment price back if you would prefer. 

If I can clearly tell a nail has been damaged by using them as tools, or they have been picked at, it is at my digression ​as a business owner whether I will charge for the repair/honour a refund. 

Age Limit

I am unable to provide gel nails or gel extension services to anyone under the age of 16, even if they are accompanied by a parent or have their consent. However, with the parent's consent, I can offer gel polish or extensions to individuals who are 16 years old or above. This policy is in place to ensure my safety and to maintain the coverage provided by my insurance company.

If you do not agree to all of these policies, please do not book in for an appointment.

Removing Work Done by Another Technician

Day of/Before Your Appointment

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